The Walking Dead – New Trailer

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Men’s Fitness USA – October

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Andrew is featured in October’s issue and I have added scans and LQ photoshoot, if anyone has the photoshoot please send it in =]

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The Walking Dead Season 4 – Deleted Scene

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

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‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew – Don’t Ruin ‘Breaking Bad’ For Me!

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“The Walking Dead”: 4×16 – A – Inside & Making Of Featurettes

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AMC released 2 new videos a few hours ago taking you into a inside look at the season four finale. In the first “Inside the Episode” video, the cast and crew take you behind the scenes of Terminus set. In the second “Making Of” video, Rick accepts a dark side of himself as he is pushed to make tougher decisions in the apocalypse, as said by AMC. You can check out both videos below. If you haven’t seen screen captures for the finale, you can check those out here. Enjoy!

“The Walking Dead”: 4×16 – A Promo

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Check out the promo for next weeks season four finale of “The

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Walking Dead.” HD screen captures from last nights episode will be uploaded soon. Enjoy!

“The Walking Dead”: Making of 4×11 – Claimed

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AMC posted a video on their official Youtube channel of the making of last nights all new episode. Go behind the scenes with Andrew Lincoln to see how Rick takes out an intruder. Check it out below:

“The Walking Dead”: Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus in Japanese Promo

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Normally foreign promos for The Walking Dead share the best spoilers. But this one for the return of Season 4 in Japan doesn’t show a single piece of new footage. It’s still awesome, though, since it showcases two of the best things about the series: Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes).

The bromance buddies were in Tokyo last month, after visiting Singapore, and on February 3 Norman shared a tea ceremony photo from what must’ve been this promo shoot.

The video, labeled “Sound of Silence,” shows our boys in traditional Japanese attire as they drink their tea. Then they look at each other, Andy squints, and apparently they go off to be superheroes since they leave the room and the promo ends with the announcement that Season 4 is coming. Norman tweeted that it’s premiering March 2 on FOX Japan. It’s worth the wait, guys!

What’s better, getting a special promo like this featuring two of the main stars, or getting a promo that shares scenes from the upcoming season? Tell us which you prefer below!

In America, The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Andrew Lincoln Stars in Video Supporting Robin Hood Tax

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David Yates, director of the Harry Potter movies, has enlisted actors Bill Nighy, Clémence Poésy and The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln for a short satirical video calling for a Europe-wide banking transaction tax.

Known as the Robin Hood tax, the film coincides with a meeting of European finance ministers this week to discuss the introduction of the tax, which could help ease poverty in developing countries to the tune of £20 billion.

The film is set in 2024, celebrating the ‘anniversary’ of a 2014 decision to introduce the financial transactions tax. Lincoln begins: “So, ten years from what some people refer to as the ‘miracle tax’ started…”

“We look back on it as a profoundly important moment,” Poésy says. “It’s been good for business and it’s brought billions for jobs in Europe.”

Nighy’s character, British banking CEO ‘John Bostock’, mocks the country for refusing to enact the tax like other European countries. “As you know, we didn’t do it in the UK…” he says bitterly “We haven’t seen any benefits in terms of money to fight extreme poverty…jobs…no…public services…no…climate change…oh leave it alone.”

The Book Thief’s Heike Makatsch and Bad Education’s Javier Camara also appear on the panel.

Yates described the Robin Hood tax as “a simple yet brilliant idea”. “We need to learn the lessons of the financial crisis and ensure that banks and hedge funds work in the interest of society, not the other way around,” he told The Mirror.

Nighy, who starred in Christmas rom-com Love Actually alongside Lincoln, notes that France, Germany and nine other European countries are about to introduce the “tiny tax that could do so much good”.

“It would be deeply regrettable if the rest of the world were caught on the wrong side of history,” he added. “Introducing the tax alone will not be enough, the billions it will raise need to be invested in tackling poverty at home and abroad and fighting climate change.”

Source – Independent

“The Walking Dead”: 4×11 – Claimed Sneak Peek

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Check out a sneak peek for next week’s all new episode of “The Walking Dead,” which airs on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. It’s a short 1-minute clip, but it’s worth the watch. Enjoy!

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