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David Yates, director of the Harry Potter movies, has enlisted actors Bill Nighy, Clémence Poésy and The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln for a short satirical video calling for a Europe-wide banking transaction tax.

Known as the Robin Hood tax, the film coincides with a meeting of European finance ministers this week to discuss the introduction of the tax, which could help ease poverty in developing countries to the tune of £20 billion.

The film is set in 2024, celebrating the ‘anniversary’ of a 2014 decision to introduce the financial transactions tax. Lincoln begins: “So, ten years from what some people refer to as the ‘miracle tax’ started…”

“We look back on it as a profoundly important moment,” Poésy says. “It’s been good for business and it’s brought billions for jobs in Europe.”

Nighy’s character, British banking CEO ‘John Bostock’, mocks the country for refusing to enact the tax like other European countries. “As you know, we didn’t do it in the UK…” he says bitterly “We haven’t seen any benefits in terms of money to fight extreme poverty…jobs…no…public services…no…climate change…oh leave it alone.”

The Book Thief’s Heike Makatsch and Bad Education’s Javier Camara also appear on the panel.

Yates described the Robin Hood tax as “a simple yet brilliant idea”. “We need to learn the lessons of the financial crisis and ensure that banks and hedge funds work in the interest of society, not the other way around,” he told The Mirror.

Nighy, who starred in Christmas rom-com Love Actually alongside Lincoln, notes that France, Germany and nine other European countries are about to introduce the “tiny tax that could do so much good”.

“It would be deeply regrettable if the rest of the world were caught on the wrong side of history,” he added. “Introducing the tax alone will not be enough, the billions it will raise need to be invested in tackling poverty at home and abroad and fighting climate change.”

Source – Independent

Check out a sneak peek for next week’s all new episode of “The Walking Dead,” which airs on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. It’s a short 1-minute clip, but it’s worth the watch. Enjoy!

“The Walking Dead”: 4×11 – Claimed Promo

Posted by Eric on
February 16th, 2014

Check out the promo for next week’s all new episode of “The Walking Dead,” which airs Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 on AMC. FYI: For those who haven’t seen tonight’s episode (Episode 10), Andrew was not featured. So no new screen captures will be up.

2013 Magazine Scans Uploaded

Posted by Eric on
February 16th, 2014

Hey everybody! I just updated the gallery with 16 magazine scans of Andrew from a few magazines that were released in 2013. I want to thank Holly, one of the previous owners of the site, for sending these in to me. I really appreciate it! I hope you guys enjoy the scans!

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Warning: This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched Sunday’s mid-season premiere, you may not want to read below this line.

Has Rick Grimes ever looked worse? Seriously, homeboy is MESSED UP! His face looks like it was on the receiving end of a relentless barrage from a one-eyed maniac…which, technically, it was. The guy can barely walk. The guys can barely breathe. What CAN the guy do?!? In tonight’s Walking Dead midseason premiere, the answer was pretty much nothing. And Rick’s failure to protect both his family and the prison finally wore on young Carl, creating a tension between the pair as they sought safety and shelter. Combine that with Carl’s feelings of teenage invincibility and you have an episode that tested the father-son dynamic like never before. We spoke to star Andrew Lincoln to get his take on the episode, which also included a freaky Michonne flashback dream and an even sadder end for Hershel than we could have ever imagined. (Also check out our midseason premiere Q&As with Danai Gurira and episode writer Robert Kirkman.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There’s really an interesting shift in the father-son relationship here in terms of Rick not being able to take care of Carl. It starts at the very beginning with Rick not being able to keep up with Carl and then continues when Rick can’t kill the walker and his son has to save him.
ANDREW LINCOLN: It’s almost shot-for-shot from the comic, and it was always the most emotional part of the comic when I read it. I think everybody relates to that. Every man relates to that story because someone said to me years ago, “You never get bigger to your father.” That’s the secret to a happy life, but everybody has to. So much of being a teenager is about finding your own voice, finding your own way, including your parents. So I loved it, I felt charmed by it, it was very moving to be involved in it. I spent most of my time on the couch — it was beautiful! I kicked back and let the kid work. I’m hoping this is my future! [Laughs] But it was an amazing moment, this child turning into this young adult. And you see the crew all watch him and have these satisfied smiles and see this young man lead the show. It was a very cool experience.

EW: I liked the way Robert Kirkman wrote it and Chandler played it – he’s doing it the way teenagers do, feeling reckless, thinking he’s bulletproof.
LINCOLN: I loved it. That’s the thing that Robert’s got in him, it’s a real, bulletproof cynical humor. He’s actually a sweetie. He’s got a very soft heart and he really taps into that in the graphic novel. And I thought it was a wonderful script, so balanced. And also the story of Michonne in there as well and the extraordinary dream sequence which we’ve never done before and I’m curious to hear what you thought about.

EW: I talked to Danai, and it’s so interesting the way it was done, because not only is it a dream sequence, but it’s jumping around in time. It takes you a moment to figure out what’s going on and to see her in that environment — or several environments intersecting at once, actually — was fascinating.
LINCOLN: That’s what I’m excited about with this back eight — there’s a boldness to some of this storytelling that I haven’t seen before and it’s really thrilling. For us, the actors that have been on it for four years, to have that and be able to play these things on a tangent is really exciting stuff.

EW: What about this scene at the end when Rick tells him “You’re a man, Carl.” Has there been that fundamental change in their relationship?
LINCOLN: Yeah, I think so. It’s a massive thing, to feel that you’re a failure in your son’s eyes. And behind all the fear and leaving him behind is the fact that he knows, he calls him out. He knows exactly what the boy thinks: He thinks I’m a failure and that I made the wrong call again and I cost everyone’s lives. Of course, he carries it. That’s Rick, that’s what he does. He takes responsibility for everything on the planet. It’s part of his curse but also his strength. That’s why people follow him. But yeah, in that beat, I think that’s what I loved about the episode — it’s come the full circle. Throughout all of this, he has this fear, and he realizes he can’t kill him. But I do think there’s an unspoken space between them and both of them are willing to concede. That’s what I love about this back eight, there’s so much space in it, but it’s all filled.

EW: I loved the line at the very end to Carl after you see Michonne at the door: “It’s for you.”
LINCOLN: It’s one of my favorite lines. Someone asked me what my favorite line was in Atlanta, at a comic convention, and I said, “It’s for you.” And they said “What?” And I said, “Wait, you’ll see.” It’s the perfect line. It’s the f—ing perfect line! The only problem with perfect lines is that you can only f— them up.

EW: It was so rough watching the whole Hershel death scene in the last episode, but what was even worse was seeing the decapitated zombie Hershel head here, just to know that he indeed had to suffer that terrible fate.
LINCOLN: That was always the intention, that we return and that’s what left. And it’s beautiful, when I read the script…its so moving, you have to kill somebody twice. It’s a degrading kind of hell that you’re left in. But I agree, I’m just fascinated to see how people view these back eight, because there’s something so incredibly beautiful and soulful. I mean, it’s still badass as anything, and there’s crazy s— up ahead, believe me. There’s a couple of things where I went to [showrunner] Scott Gimple and asked “Are we gonna do this? We’re really going to do this?” And Scott said, “Yep, we’re gonna do this!” But I do think there’s more poetry in this back eight than we’ve had in awhile.

Source – Entertainment Weekly

Hello Andrew fans! As all of you know, “The Walking Dead” had its mid-season premiere just a few hours ago and to go along with the premiere, I have uploaded 472 HD screen captures of Andrew from the episode in the gallery. What did you guys think of the premiere? Leave a comment to share your thoughts! I hope you enjoy the screen captures and keep checking back for more updates!

Gallery Link
The Walking Dead > Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4×09 – After

“This is the first time since Season 1 where they don’t have any protection,” The Walking Dead EP and director Greg Nicotero said tonight of the remainder of the show’s fourth season. “You get a sweeping sense of the world again, and our characters are thrust back in it,” he added without giving away any more than that.

Just days before the AMC series comes back from its midseason break, Nicotero was joined at the TV Academy by creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman, EP Gale Anne Hurd, EP and showrunner Scott Gimple, EP Dave Alpert, stars Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun and other members of WD’s main cast. Unlike a similar appearance at the TV Academy around this time last year — when recently exited EP Glen Mazzara was suddenly a no-show — there wasn’t any controversy, but there was another notable absence. Lead Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the show, was scheduled to be there tonight but ended up missing the evening due to a cold. “I am so sorry I’m not to be able to attend this event, but I am currently the walking dead tonight,” the actor said in a note to the audience read by Gimple in a terrible British accent.

Other than Nicotero’s comments about the overall arc of the rest of Season 4, it was primarily show-and-tell night, with the assembled cast revealing and discussing their favorite clips from the first half of the cycle. “Good bloody gory memories,” actress Lauren Cohan said to a big laugh in the packed Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre.

This has been a record-breaking season for the blockbuster zombie apocalypse series so far. The Season 4 premiere of Walking Dead on October 13 garnered a stunning 16.1 million viewers. With numbers like that and a couple of sacks of NBC’s NFL Sunday Night Football in the key 18-49 demo last year, it’s no wonder AMC renewed WD for a fifth season on October 29 last year. The remainder of the fourth season premieres February 9 after a more than two-month break — a break that started on a record-breaking high. The December 1 midseason finale pulled in 12.1 million viewers, a midseason finale record for WD. There’s no NFL more NFL competition this year, but Walking Dead will be facing the Winter Olympics on NBC for its first couple of Sundays.

One issue that was certainly not addressed was former WD producer and series developer Frank Darabont and CAA’s multi-tiered lawsuit against AMC for profit participation payments not received and wrongful termination. AMC are expected to reply to the producer and the agency’s complaint sometime later this month.

Source – Deadline

The good news for Rick Grimes is that he is still alive. Annnnnnnnd that’s pretty much it. He had a front row seat to the execution of his good friend Hershel, the Governor beat him within an inch of his life, the prison has been overrun with zombies, and, oh yeah, as far as he knows, his baby daughter Judith just became someone’s afternoon snack. So not exactly what you’d call the best of days so far for Mr. Grimes. (I mean, just look at the photo above for chrissakes!) What happens next? We’ll find out when The Walking Dead returns with season 4’s final eight episodes Feb. 9 on AMC. The first episode back features a battle of wills between Rick and Carl as they seek shelter and safety. We spoke with Papa Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, about what to expect in episode 409 and beyond.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So with the prison gone, everyone is going to be splintered off in these smaller groups and we’re going to see people having to fend more for themselves. What can you tell us about what’s in store?
ANDREW LINCOLN: I’m really excited about the back 8 episodes. I think there’s a different tone to the back 8, and I think you’re going to see a lot of characters that you haven’t seen under the microscope as much all have their chance to shine. And people are putting in some tremendous performances. I think there were three scripts that were some of my favorite that I’ve ever done in the back 8. But it’s different, and that’s what’s so admirable about it with Scott Gimple’s vision. It’s a very different tone for the show and I think you learn a lot. It’s very character driven, very soulful — much more reminiscent of the first season, I think, just because they’re all out and alone and they’re much more vulnerable. And also because they’re apart from each other you realize that without each other their family is dying. It’s almost like vignettes; it’s like character studies in all of the characters. The underpinning of all of this is the great hope they can find each other again.

EW: For the most part, everything we’ve seen on this show has been as a big group, albeit with scattered separations here and there when smaller groups go on runs or what have you. But now we’re going to have a lot more individual or smaller group stories since everyone is scattered out. Is that a nice change of pace?
LINCOLN: I think so. It’s not only a change of pace but what it does is it rewards the audience that perhaps doesn’t know about certain characters’ backstories and histories. There are some very witty pairings is what I will say. Really, really witty.

EW: At this point, after seeing that empty bloody car seat, viewers are wondering: Where’s baby Judith? What is Rick assuming as far as Judith?
LINCOLN: She’s gone. I think, as you’ve seen in the episode, she’s gone. That’s it. That’s the feeling for Rick and Carl. Rick is has been putting so much of his ideology and hope and change on Hershel and the prison. Now these people have been ripped away from him. The back 8 for him are very much a story of self-discovery for him, of finding himself knocked to the floor and finding yet again another way of picking himself up again. And it’s about fighting to be a father. I think episode 9 very much explores that — about becoming a man and a man accepting that fact. It’s a time-honored story. But it’s set under these incredibly difficult circumstances. There’s a heck of a lot bubbling for all the characters. They’re at the weakest they’ve ever been probably since I woke up in the coma. Of course, they’re incredibly tenacious survivors. Bear in mind, the only other people inhabiting this world who aren’t behind walls are also tenacious survivors as well.

EW: What about the aftermath of seeing Hershel executed? Especially for Rick, because Rick was the one negotiating for his release and ultimately failing in that. How is that going to weigh on him?
LINCOLN: Man, he never gets a break. It’s not an easy guy to play. There aren’t many calls that he makes that go right, let’s be honest. That was the death knell to that way of living. That’s done, that compromise Rick was attempting to make and had made with the offering of peace to the Governor. Hershel was a father figure and a mentor, he was the bedrock for everybody, he was the moral conscious. I think that Hershel’s spirit lives on always. Everybody that has an impact in your life you carry with you always, but I do think that Rick is in a very low ebb. And I think physically, in episode 9, you’ll see a man who is frightened for the first time in a long, long time. He’s frightened not for himself but for his son because he’s weak. He’s very, very weak and that makes him belligerent and aggressively challenging towards his son because he’s scared. So he’s physically weak, spiritually he’s lost, mentally he doesn’t quite know where to begin because he’s just seeing his home demolished. He’s in the worst place he’s been.

Source – Entertainment Weekly

AMC has just released the titles and descriptions of the final episodes of the 4th season. You can check them all out below. Although, please beware that they may contain spoilers. So do not read below this line if you want to remain spoiler free.

Episode 4.10 – Inmates: in the quest for stability and safety, the group faces many obstacles

Episode 4.11 – Claimed: a number of immediate threats plague Rick. Group members deal with their past

Episode 4.12 – Still: an enlightened mission springs from a request from one of the group members

Episode 4.13 – Alone: One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection.

Episode 4.14 – The Grove: After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to they way they used to be.

Episode 4.15 – Us: Survivors rely on brutality and faith.

Episode 4.16 – A (Season Finale): Many paths collide; Rick faces sheer brutality; the group struggles to survive.

AMC just released a new promo for the February 9th return of “The Walking Dead,” titled ‘Not Afraid.’ You can catch the promo below and be sure to mark your calendars for the mid-season return. Enjoy!

“The Walking Dead”: Season 4 Mid-Season Promo

Posted by Eric on
January 24th, 2014

AMC has just released the mid-season 4 promo for “The Walking Dead.” You can check it out below. “The

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Walking Dead” returns Sunday, February 9 at 9/8c on AMC. Enjoy!

As one of the stars of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus is used to dealing with zombies on set. But he wasn’t prepared to come face-to-face with one of them in real life — which he did when costar Andrew Lincoln and viral Vine prankster Nick Santonastasso pulled off a hilarious (and carefully orchestrated) zombie stunt during one of the hit show’s promo stops in Tokyo.

Santonastasso, 17, is a Walking Dead superfan who was born with a rare condition called Hanhart syndrome and has one arm and no legs. He’s recently become something of a social media sensation thanks to his “zombie prank” Vines, which involve him painting himself in zombie makeup and then scaring unsuspecting strangers in public.

As part of Fox International’s new social media campaign “#getFOXed,” New Jersey native Santonastasso was flown out to Tokyo to pull one of these pranks on Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the AMC smash. His partners-in-crime? Cast member Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and TWD special effects expert Greg Nicotero.

“Norman is gonna kick our asses,” Lincoln jokes in a video about the prank, which took place in a hotel room in Tokyo.

As seen in the clip above, Reedus enters the room prepared to film a promo for The Walking Dead. Once he’s alone, Santonastasso emerges from under a room service cart. Reedus’ reaction? Priceless.

“Good job, you jerk,” he quips afterward.

Watch the entire hilarious prank above!

Source – US Weekly

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