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The Walking Dead – Welcome To The Tombs

Posted by Vicki on Apr 1st, 2013 • Images ,The Walking DeadComments Off

I have added 253 screencaps from the season finale. What did everyone think? I can’t believe this character died of all the characters I wanted them and Rick to survive.

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The Walking Dead Stills

Posted by Vicki on Mar 31st, 2013 • Images ,The Walking DeadComments Off

Andrew Reveals Body Count For The Walking Dead Season Finale

Posted by Vicki on Mar 31st, 2013 • Articles ,The Walking DeadComments Off

A bit of a spoiler here for the upcoming Season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead”: Andrew Lincoln revealed the body count for Sunday’s episode, and it sounds as if said tombs will be overflowing. Read on if you dare.

Lincoln tells Rolling Stone, “Twenty-seven people die. It’s safe to say it is all hands to pumps. It’s a crazy season finale.” Now yes, the majority of the fallen will undoubtedly be a good portion of Woodbury, but everyone is on the menu at all times. “The reality is nobody is safe,” says David Morrissey, who plays the evil Governor. “But that’s the ticket we bought.

According to creator Robert Kirkman viewers should expect changes in Season 4. “We’re not going to slow things down, but if I had a criticism of Season 3, it would be that we didn’t focus on character development,” he says. “We’re going to try to step it up a notch in that department.

Source: Dead Central.

The Walking Dead – New Stills

Posted by Vicki on Mar 26th, 2013 • Images ,The Walking DeadComments Off


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have added 10 new stills.

Home > Television Productions > The Walking Dead

(2010-2013) > Season 3 > Episode Stills

The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life

Posted by Vicki on Mar 25th, 2013 • Images ,The Walking DeadComments Off

Walking Dead Scoop: Andrew Bobs And Weaves Ahead Of Season Finale!

Posted by Vicki on Mar 23rd, 2013 • Articles ,The Walking DeadComments Off

There are only two episodes left in this season of The Walking Dead! Only two more episodes for us to learn what will befall the beleaguered denizens of the prison! Only two more episodes for the Governor to execute his nefarious plans…and maybe Andrea, too!

So what can we expect? We tracked down Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, to give us a tease.

What can you tell us about Sunday’s episode?

It’s an incredibly emotional episode. And heroic. There are two performances in it that, when I was watching actors do it, I just loved it. It was perfect. Like a lot of the writing this season, it goes in a way I never anticipated, and it’s very surprising. It’s a great episode. It felt like clockwork. Every scene earned its place and moved the story along like clockwork.

Does that leave any room for drama in the finale?

That episode doesn’t pull any punches. It’s pretty much what everyone has grown accustomed to in our season finale. It’s carnage, and there is death. Something happens that I find incredibly shocking that relates directly to my character and the prison family. It really came out of left field for me and I never expected it. When I read the script, I was really shocked.

Someone’s gonna die? Is it a series regular? Day player? Who dies? Who dies, Andy????

It’s safe to say there are deaths. I’m not gonna be the person who is quoted saying more than that! Leslie, if you were showrunner, and you wanted to finish strongly and shock people, what would you do?

Dig into the source material and come up with an ending that diverges from the comics.

We need you in the writers’ room, Leslie!

Don’t say that. I’ll be on the first plane to Georgia. Do not say that to me, man. So what else should fans know about the finale then? Is this a wrapping-things-up kind of finale or a cliffhanger finale?

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satisfying things—storylines resolved—but also, it’s heartbreaking.

Source: E Online.

The Walking Dead – New Still

Posted by Vicki on Mar 19th, 2013 • Images ,The Walking DeadComments Off

The Wlking Dead – Prey

Posted by Vicki on Mar 18th, 2013 • Images ,The Walking DeadComments Off

I have added 16 screencaps from episode 14, Rick wasn’t in this episode much.

Home > Television Productions > The Walking Dead (2010-2013) > Season 3

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> Episode Screencaps > Prey

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Andrew States That 27 Characters Will Die

Posted by Vicki on Mar 18th, 2013 • Articles ,The Walking DeadComments Off

According to ComicBook.com on March 17, in AMC’s “The Walking Dead’s” third season have been riddled with rumors of two characters dying off on the season finale. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth as Andrew Lincoln, the actor who plays Rick Grimes, revealed that’s not necessarily the case.

In an interview with Lincoln, he had stated that 27 characters will be killed off. To clarify, these are not walkers either, but actual living characters on the show. So, just like a major lay off in a company buy out, so begins “The Walking Dead” version of its own restructuring.

According to Digital Spy, there are theories that Andrea could be one of them. Holden had recently admitted that she could very well answer to her indecisiveness for choosing sides. Being torn will have its downfall in her case.

“She’s walking on a tightrope, and it’s very dangerous,” Holden explained. “I don’t think anybody is safe on this show, to be honest”. The only person who’s really safe is Carl [Chandler Riggs]. I know that people don’t want to hear that, but it’s true. There’s going to be more major deaths before the end of the season and no one is safe”.

Considering the fact that Rick’s behavior patterns as of late and his recent decision to take action against The Governor was possibly due to his previous law enforcement profession. He simply and easily doesn’t trust whatever was being said to him and intends to strike first.

The Governor, thinking his deception was effective against Rick, is also making his move thinking Rick is sitting tight for the next two days.

That being said, it is going to be a major blood bath sense both of them are taking a seriously aggressive stance.

Source: Examiner.

The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life Preview

Posted by Vicki on Mar 18th, 2013 • The Walking Dead ,VideosComments Off

‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew: ‘Rick Might Never Get Over Lori’

Posted by Vicki on Mar 16th, 2013 • Articles ,The Walking DeadComments Off

Andrew Lincoln has hinted that an epic war will end The Walking Dead‘s third season.

The Walking Dead‘s third season has seen Lincoln’s character Rick experience haunting hallucinations of his dead wife Lori (Sarah Callies).

Discussing the AMC show with MTV News, Lincoln suggested that Rick may be permanently traumatised by the loss of his wife.”I don’t know if he’ll ever be the man he was, and that’s one of the great joys of playing this part,” the actor said. “He does keep changing and building up in other areas of his psyche, but he’s deteriorating in others. I do think he’s one of these animals who is galvanised by action.”Lincoln continued: “I think if Rick had been alone, he might not have been this tenacious survivor. But he has this family now, this incredibly tight family. In spite of losing his wife, he has this incredibly loyal unit he calls his family.

That’s his driving force. And certainly his son is pulling him very much back into reality. “In the last episodes before we finish this season, you see a man coming out of the darkness and hopefully returning. I don’t think he can return the complete man that he was, but he realises the enormous responsibility on his shoulders. He has to step up.”

The actor went on to describe The Walking Dead‘s final season three episodes as “epic”.”I won’t be amiss in saying that not everybody gets out alive,” he hinted. “Of course – we are The Walking Dead, after all! And it’s season three.”The Walking Dead continues in the US on Sundays on AMC. The series airs in the UK on Fridays on FOX.

Source: Digital Spy.

Teachers Series 3

Posted by Vicki on Mar 15th, 2013 • ImagesComments Off

I have added screencaps from series 3.


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