The Walking Dead – Hounded Preview

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The Walking Dead – Killer Within Behind The Scenes

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The Walking Dead – Killer Within

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I have added 270 HD screencaps from episode 4, what did everyone think?


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The Walking Dead – New Stills

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I have added 4 new stills.

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Andrew Deserves Emmy Award For The Walking Dead

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Last night, Walking Dead fans were treated to what many are describing as the best episode ever of The Walking Dead. In fact, we at think that after the “Killer Within” episode the series deserves to not only be nominated for but to win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

However, Outstanding Drama Series is not the only Emmy Award that The Walking Dead deserves. While the entire Walking Dead cast performed at the top of their game in the “Killer Within” episode, there was one performance that was truly exceptional. Andrew Lincoln deserves to be nominated and win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series. Lincoln has always done a great job as series lead Rick Grimes, but he took it to a whole new level in “Killer Within.”

The Walking Dead is a TV series that gets about as far away from reality as you could imagine a TV series being. Yet, Lincoln’s performance as Rick Grimes makes viewers forget that everything going on around him could never happen in the real world. Lincoln’s performance is so powerful that it actually makes The Walking Dead seem real.

Source: Comicbook (SPOILERS).

The Walking Dead – Say The Word Preview

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TWD – Killer Within Preview

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Mania Interview

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Has it been fun for you this season to see your character change, and grow a bit darker? Andrew Lincoln: Yeah it’s been great, I made a fateful error of going into the writers room and saying “what you think Rick’s breaking point is?” and we find out this season, so it’s a great journey that I’ve got this season, it’s a beautiful story that we’re telling. Yeah, he’s a much darker, more isolated character this season. I think all of them have changed. Jumping forward in time was a really good way of explaining how this world has affected them, and the group dynamic has changed as well. That’s something that always attracted me to the role, it’s all about change, the whole story is about people changing, if you don’t change, you die. If you don’t adapt, you die. The writers keep pushing these characters . The story of the boy turned into the boy soldier this season is absolutely fascinating. I’ve never seen it before, certainly not on TV. There’s so many other characters, and by definition of what we do, we end up killing off key characters, and then the group dynamic changes, and the show reinvents itself.  Then other people step forward, and you watch them change as well.

READ MORE @ Mania.

TWD: Andrew On Rick’s Growing Darkness

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Perhaps the single best thing about THE WALKING DEAD is that it isn’t a show about zombies, it’s a show about human beings and how nightmarish circumstances test their humanity every day. One of the pleasures of the series is watching how these characters cope with the devastated world they’ve inherited, and arguably none have provided a more potent study of what happens to even the best of us in extreme circumstances than Andrew Lincoln as former lawman-turned-leader of a ragtag band of survivors, Rick Grimes.

A man who upheld law and order in his life before, each compromise of his values in the name of protecting the group pushes Rick closer and closer to something his former self would see as less than human. The tension between who he used to be and who he feels he needs to be in order to survive and it is taking its toll on the man and more and more, it becomes apparent that the real battle this season is brewing within Rick Grimes.

A man once hesitant to kill zombies has now had to kill his former partner and best friend at the conclusion of season two and as season three opens, we see a man changed by this trajectory he is on; a man much closer to darkness. It’s death by a thousand cuts to his conscience as all the little compromises stack up and he edges closer and closer to psychosis.

I had a chance to join in on a conversation with Andrew Lincoln and the talk immediately turned to Rick and the moral challenges facing him this season, his ruthless treatment of the prisoners in episode two, the human cost of their survival and where his breaking point might be found.

Lincoln rolled up his sleeves and got down to business.

“I think his humanity is pretty intact but his ruthlessness, his decision making, has moved into a Shane point of view. There is an uncompromising nature that I think has happened over time to Rick. The other thing to bear in mind is that he is the most isolated, both in his group and in his relationship. I don’t think he is in the most stable—certainly when I was playing it, I wanted it to be this instantaneous, almost Pavlovian reaction to the situation. Certainly, in season one and season two, I don’t think he would have been so quick to make that judgment call.”

“That’s one of the joys of playing Rick. The moral ambiguity of the show is the most interesting part for me—certainly as an actor—because in any other world, any other situation that wasn’t Hell you wouldn’t make these kinds of calls. You wouldn’t be pushed into this corner to make these calls. The thing that dignifies him and helps to justify the situation is the fact that he always has their safety as a priority, so it becomes this sort of selfless act even though it’s incredibly evil. His humanity is never fully taken away from him, although as we go through this season it diminishes and diminishes and that’s all I will say.”

READ MORE @ Fangoria.

More TWD Stills And Photoshoot

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I have added more stills and finally added the new photoshoot, huge thanks to Raidon.

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Andrew And Gale Anne Hurd Discuss The New Rick Grimes On “TWD”

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Viewers have met a brand new Rick Grimes this season on “The Walking Dead.” Following the time jump in the Season 3 premiere, we’ve learned that Rick has been hardened by the time the survivors have spent since leaving Hershel’s farm in the Season 2 finale. But has he lost his humanity? That’s something that remains to be seen.

Star Andrew Lincoln and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd held a conference call with members of the press Monday to discuss Sunday’s episode, “Seed,” as well as the rest of what they have planned season and CBR News was on hand to learn what we could about what plans to be the most treacherous season yet for Rick and the other survivors. The conversation lingered on the topic of this new, changed Rick, and Lincoln doesn’t seem to think the central “Walking Dead” character is as far gone as he might seem.

“His humanity is pretty intact, but I think his ruthlessness or his decision making has very much moved into a Shane point of view,” Lincoln said. “He is the most isolated within his group.”

The actor continued, “He is sort of coming apart, but is doing a very good impersonation of someone holding it together at the moment.”

Audiences can see that in his relationship — or lack thereof — with his wife Lori. Rick and Lori aren’t on great terms, and, according to Lincoln, that moment at the end of “Sick” where Rick reaches out and touches her shoulder is the first time the two have touched in eight months. But while Lori sort of understands where Rick is coming from in his need to alienate himself from those around him, it’s Daryl that Rick has the best connection with.

“There’s an incredible mutual respect between the two of them,” Lincoln said. “I think that out of everybody else, Daryl is the one who understands the burden of responsibility that Rick chooses to carry.”


TWD New On Set And Stills

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I have added new stills and on set images, thanks to Raidon.

Home > Television Productions > The Walking Dead (2010-2012) > Series 3 > Episode Stills
Home > Television Productions > The Walking Dead (2010-2012) > Series 3 > On Set

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