TWD Series 3 Poster

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TWD Season 3 Interview: 2012 Comic Con

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Comic Con Photoshoot

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I have uploaded a HQ of the Comic Con photoshoot!

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TWD: Series 3 On Set

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One Year Online

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Entertainment Weekly Magazine

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I have added a scan from the 13th July issue.

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TWD: Series 3 Sneak Peek From The Set!

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The cast of “The Walking Dead’ is hard at work filming the third season of the hit AMC show — and today, we’ve got a look at some of the action on the set!

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus (Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, respectively) were seen shooting scenes in Senoia, GA last night.

According to local reports, Senoia has been transformed into the town of Woodbury from the comics. Woodbury is the home of The Governor, next season’s main villain and one of the most ruthless characters from the source material.

From the photos, it looks like Lincoln’s character was picking off security around the town with a rifle … perhaps in an attempt to infiltrate the area.

Source: Too Fab.

New Photoshoot – Series TV Magazine

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TWD – The Making Of Series 2 Finale

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TWD: Scoop: Will Rick And Lori’s Marriage Survive?

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The prison setting for the third season of The Walking Dead may offer Rick (Andrew Lincoln) & Co. some semblance of safety, but if the group ever expects to survive, the group’s new dictator — or Ricktator — must first get his own house in order.

The Walking Dead‘s season premiere date, trailer and 8 more tidbits from the Comic-Con panel

At the end of Season 2, Rick’s wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) pulled a Lady MacBeth and essentially told him to kill Shane (Jon Bernthal), lest the group fall victim to his increasingly manic, dangerous behavior. However, once Rick murdered Shane — whose zombie reincarnation was then killed by Rick’s son Carl (Chandler Riggs) — Lori turned her back on him. What does this mean for the “first family” of the survivors?

“Part of that horror you saw in that last episode was revulsion in her part in that,” executive producer Glen Mazzara explains. “I think she blames herself. I don’t know if she did intend to put Rick in motion, but she did. They have to deal with that.” 

Repairing a marriage during a zombie apocalypse won’t be easy, especially considering Shane could be the father of Lori’s child. “They don’t know whose child that is,” Mazzara continues. “They have to figure out what they can do. They can’t get divorced. How do you repair that marriage in front of everybody? It’s such a tight group. It affects everybody in the group, that strife within that marriage.”


Dispatches From The Set

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Q: How do you take a cast of Hollywood stunners and make them look like bedraggled survivors of the apocalypse?

DP: People always say, “You do makeup on the actors?” They think they walk in looking like that and that’s a big compliment… Everybody gets sunscreen. And then if it’s a woman, we will do their makeup very lightly so you don’t see the eyeshadow or eyeliner… When we got hired to do this job, [the producers] told us, “We want them to look sexy but yet to look like they haven’t taken a shower in months.”

TK: When I was originally hired, [the producers] were wanting a real tattered look, a really not-done look, a wet, sticky, sexy, hot look. Of course sexy is not hard to do with this casts’ hair. They’re all beautiful…I do a lot of highlighting for the sun-kissed looked…then we have a sweat mixture, so their hair looks wet and sweaty.

Q: Do you two have to follow the cast around to make sure they stay sweaty and dirty-looking?

DP:  We do a liquid dirt and a dry dirt on them….And then we spray them down in sunscreen to keep it in place. But when we’re out on set and everything and they’re sweating it off, we have to go and reapply it and make it look the same way it did in the beginning.

TK: The sweat mixture stays in the actor’s hair, but we reactivate about every three takes so that it stays consistent from scene to scene. It’s a hot and sweaty show, but that’s life in the South.



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I have added the full photoshoot that I added a while back.

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